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I make stupid updates

In stupid time. D:

My one explanation for this is: MARCHING BAND. Truely, no one can argue, that band sucks the life out of everyone. Let me put it this way, usually I would charge my phone every night. However, today was the first time in about 5 days that I had a CHANCE to plug in my phone. (I don't plug it in while I'm asleep because the outlet is on the wall that my bed is against. Yea, I'm paranoid about sparks lighting my bed on fire while I sleep..... I don't know why, I'm just afraid.)
So besides that, tomorrow is my birthday. And I've gotten some of my gifts early.
A single cup coffee maker
Other Age Second Encounter
Sexy boots.
Now I'm going to say this, THANK YOU LORD FOR A COFFEE MAKER. THANK YOU! I needed this coffee maker so bad. It's taken all my will to not be tempted by heavy eye-lids in class.
And everyone should take a look at OASE because it is amazing. Amazing amazing amazing.
If you want to try something out before you buy it, play other age.
Yeah yeah. "Dating Sims are boring and blah blah blah." This one is fun and entertaining.


There was a real Funtom Peter "Bitter" Rabbit AND NO ONE TOLD ME?!

Sooo CUTE!

*cries* Mommmyyyy I waaanttt et.

Bleh, after 15 years, I still sound like a little girl.
And yes I LOVE plushies.
Especially ones from my favorite animes.

But I can't find it anywhere!

Writing is an odd thing

Let me start off by explaining one thing.
No matter how much I can love writing, typing, reading, etc, I don't know if I will ever "Master" it.
I do love to write.

I try to love my drawing, and it used to be the way I would express myself.
Okay wait wait.

No, I don't express MYSELF in drawing. Never did. Never could.
I could draw anything... BUT What I felt and anything about me didn't come out. I could break the pencil with frustration and yet I could not make that drawing anything.

Thats where writing came in. No, not to express myself, but rather to express dreams. See, I love to write, probably more then drawing. I have lots of strange dreams. Whether it was the dream where I was running from a faceless killer, or whether it was about me running as fast as I can away from..... Not sure what those where.... *head shake* What-ever-the-case. It was the way I could record my dreams.

The science behind a dream (or at least what we have come to reason it is, may not be exact) is that a dream is where the brain is reorganizing. Kind of like when you optimize a computer disk, moving the files from one part to another. That way the disk will run more efficiently, putting things into neat stacks for easier finding. So a dream goes through various memories, equations, scents, feelings, faces, and in the process, we see these things. Thats probably why they don't make sense: these things are not organized, they are not a story....

Thats where the dreams get strange, and to me, its like venturing through wonderland every night. One night I stumbled down the rabbit hole into a mist of black and white and see all my friends as furry creatures, and one night I stumbled through a mirror and fall into a battle field in the middle of an open book.

I like to write to get these bizarre occurrences off my chest. And in many cases, it works. Actually, throughout the months, I have dreams that I write that, for an odd reason, all fit together. Maybe I'll write about them later.

However, I've come to a realization, I'm not good at writing. Neither am I good at drawing. Gee....
This is where I remember things from when I was a little girl.

So my brothers (two of them) and I have always been fascinated with video games. I think it has something to do with the way the controls fit in our hand or the way we pushed a button and a character jumped. For whatever reason, this was a fact. Both my brothers were so obsessed with video games, they wanted to win. So they would read the manuals and ask for game guides. I'm guessing around Kindergarten to 1st grade, they were literate enough to understand every word on the screen and every word that was on that Ocarina of Time player's guide (Which, while in VERY poor condition, after about 12 years, is still around). It's not very shocking to me, but to a teacher, that was amazing. My brothers probably had a 3rd grader's vocabulary when they were only in 1st.
But for me that wasn't the case. I sucked pretty bad. I don't know why. My grammer and vocabulary have come to fail me often.
However I do remember back in freshman year of high school, I looked over at this girl's vocab book (who at that time was a senior in the regular class) and I saw the word 'Elixir' was a term. Yes, my very reaction was "WHAT? Who doesn't know what an elixir is!?!"
Okay, I'm sure there are plenty of people who can testify that they don't know what an elixir is because they've never picked up a video game controller, but then they need to get with the times.
Going off topic, you know those people who think everyone is getting dumber and dumber and our students now-a-days are stupid? They. Be. Wrong. More kids are being raised now to understand how technology works. Video Games DO help intelligence. After all, you need to LEARN and UNDERSTAND how to play a game (Unless you are a button masher.)

So I don't know why I'm not very good with vocabulary or why I am a slow reader. I just am.
I'm lugging my way through the scarlet letter in class. Bleh. Nathaniel Hawthorne? You're writing is so dry, crumbs fall off when I cut into it.
So maybe all this typing on a blog would help me in my reading?

Wow this was all over the place, but I just wanted to write about several things today.
*More tangent* I really need to buy some coffee on the way to school.
See, I have this 2nd period class where we watch movies most of the time. You know how historical documentaries on the history channel are the best way to take a nap...
Doesn't help when its 7:50 in the morning, and you have a chance of drool on the desk and getting caught.


Okay yea.
Not much to say.

So I'll say it anyway.


Nutella is good, too.
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